We lost interest in the show once we found out Louis Walsh wouldn't be returning this season, and apparently so did everyone else, with the 'X Factor' reportedly having the lowest viewing figures in 14 years.

In case you haven't been paying attention this year either, the 'X Factor' has now moved onto the part of the show where contestants take part in the six chair challenge. Contestants sing for their chance to get to a judge's house, where they will once again sing for their survival, before finally singing for survival on the live shows. 

As the six chair challenge happened last night, it was the turn of new judge (and Robbie Williams' wife) Ayda Field's over 25's category to sing for their spot at her judge's house. It was contestant Burgandy Williams who literally stole the show last night, providing us with a bit of much-needed laughter. 

When she was told to get off the stage, as another contestant was to take her place on her chair, Burgandy was having none of it. She decided if she wasn't sitting on the chair, then no-one else would either. She took the feckin' chair with her: 

Needless to say, viewers found the whole scenario hilarious:


However, many viewers smelt a rat and think that the whole thing was just an elaborate set up, as Robbie Williams decided to fix the situation very quickly and make a new singing group out of Burgandy and another previous loser, Panda:



Whatever the story is, it provided viewers with a bit of light-heartedness that you'd expect from the 'X Factor'. You can watch the whole thing unfold here: