In case you weren't watching, Andy Murray just won Wimbledon and became British forever, but it was Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler who stole the televisual show on Centre Court this afternoon.

The pair rocked up to the All England tennis club in matching blue suits, and certainly put on quite the show every time they were caught on camera. We're taking the pair's reaction to Murray's rather crucial game win in the third set as an example. Oh, and their selife. You can't forget that selfie: The reaction on Twitter really said it all.

You've got to hand it to Novak Djokovic: He had an amazing 'You cannot be serious' moment with the umpire and played a stellar game. However, the glory was to be Murray's, and after a match so gripping that it kept plenty of us in out of the summer sun, you couldn't help but think that the win was well-deserved. We do feel for Virginia Wade though: She won Wimbledon after Fred Perry, but you'd swear everyone across the water had forgotten she existed.

On a side note,the award for most amusing commentary of the tournament goes to one Boris Becker. It ain't during every match that you'll hear someone pulling out the one liners ala the German tennis giant. "Jumpin Jack Flash..." followed by a prolonged silence was a personal favourite.

Sure there's nothing like a gripping match to make decent telly, eh lads? Guess we'll have to get back out in the fresh air now that Wimbledon is over...