HBO and Game of Thrones showrunners may have (for now) ruled out any spin-offs to the show down the line, but George R.R. Martin has other ideas.

Recently, showrunner Dan Weiss commented on the speculation around future spin-offs of the series to Variety; "I know that Mike (HBO Programming President Michael Lombardo) made off-the-cuff comments to that effect but when we sat down with him and told him, 'This is what we see, this is how many hours of viable story we have left to tell the story we set out to tell', there wasn't a second of pushback on that."

While Lombardo also told Entertainment Weekly that there were no plans for prequels or spin-offs once the show ends; "No. If that were to happen it would have to come from [Benioff and Weiss] really feeling something, or [author George R.R. Martin] really feeling that it was the right thing to do. Not knowing how this particular story ends, I don’t know. There are plenty of characters, secondary characters, [that] you could build a world around. We’re always going to be drawn to a strong creative vision. But we are not going to do that unless we feel their passion."

Well now George R.R. Martin has weighed in, telling EW; "Every episode of The Naked City – one of the television shows I watched as a kid – ended with a voice-over: ‘There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.’ There are eight million stories in Westeros as well … and even more in Essos and the lands beyond. A whole world full of stories, waiting to be told… if indeed HBO is interested."

"The most natural follow-up would be an adaptation of my Dunk & Egg stories," he added.

These are a series of novellas set ninety years before A Song of Ice and Fire. It follows the story of Ser Duncan the Tall who would go on to become a member of the Kingsguard and his squire Egg, who would go on to become King Aegon V Targaryen.

Martin added; "Each of the novellas could easily be done as a two-hour stand-alone movie for television; that would probably be the ideal way to do them, rather than as an ongoing weekly series."

We could get on board with Dunk and Egg! But eh, let's worry about finishing the Game of Thrones books first George?