In case you didn't know, 'A Song of Ice and Fire' is the book series that our beloved TV show 'Game of Thrones' is based on. Now, George R. R. Martin has only written five of the seven books in the series. This means that as 'Game of Thrones' finishes its final season next year, the TV show will officially have finished up before the final two novels ever see the light of day.

It's unbelievably frustrating for fans, as the book series all started back in 1996 with book one, 'Game of Thrones'. It certainly doesn't help matters that most of the books arrive in two parts, meaning when a new book gets released, it's still only half of the story.

The author sat down with Stephen Colbert on his talk show, where he revealed his new book entitled 'Fire and Blood'. It does not carry on the core 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series, and is set to be the beginning of a whole new series. The novel takes place 300 years before the events that we all know and love/loathe. And yes, this new book is 700 pages long, is only the first half of the book. Come on Martin!

Colbert is all of us as he exclaims, "This is the first half? This is 700 pages long. [...] This is a 700 page de-tour!" Martin quips back - referring to 'The Winds of Winter', "I should actually get home and get to work, I guess."

Have a look at the interview below, where Martin also talks about his influences while growing up.

We'll hopefully get more details in 2019 of when 'The Winds of Winter' and 'A Dream of Spring' will ever see the light of day.