"I am dying to tell you all about them, but I am not supposed to, so… Well, maybe there a few things I can tell you."

Okay, okay, George R. R. Martin is officially the busiest man in Hollywood. Judging from his latest blog update over on his official website, the 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' creator has his finger in many, many pies, laying out which 'GOT' series are in active development.

And so sadly, this means that yes, 'The Winds Of Winter' is still not completed. We've been keeping a tally on how many articles we've written about this never-ending 'WOW' saga, and all the way back in 2017 we wrote an article featuring a comment from the author stating the long-awaited book would be released that year. How foolish we were to believe him.

Multiple articles and five years on the subject later, we're still waiting on the sixth entry in the fantasy book series. And Martin knows we're fed up of waiting.

Writing that only one project remains high on every single 'Game Of Thrones' fans' agenda, Martin said: "I know, I know, for many of you out there, only one of those projects matters.

"I am sorry for you. They ALL matter to me.

"Yes, of course I am still working on THE WINDS OF WINTER. I have stated that a hundred times in a hundred venues, having to restate it endlessly is just wearisome. I made a lot of progress on WINDS in 2020, and less in 2021… but 'less' is not 'none'."

So, what are these other projects that Martin is furiously working on, making us all furious that he can't concentrate on one project at a time? Quite a lot, it seems.

The multi-hyphenated creator revealed that, apart from the upcoming HBO 'House Of The Dragon' prequel series, there are at least three other live-action series in development. There's also at least one animated series on the horizon, with the potential for many more down the line. Naturally, Martin is attached as a producer and consultant on every single one of these.

The first is a Corlys Velaryon series, which will focus on the character set to make his debut appearance in 'House Of The Dragon' later this year; the project started out a 'Nine Voyages' but is now titled 'The Sea Snake'. British actor Steve Toussaint will star as the character.

Also on the cards is a series called 'Ten Thousand Ships', based on the warrior queen Nymeria (and not Arya's direwolf); while the final live-action series, originally believed to be called 'Dunk & Egg', is now, according to Martin, either titled 'A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms' or 'The Hedge Knight'.

In terms of what's in the works for animation fans, there's only one title that Martin wanted to reveal. With a working title of 'The Golden Empire', the author says the series has a young writer attached and the art and animation "is just going to be beautiful". He also stated there's more in the pipeline: "I don’t think I can say a word about the other animated shows. Not yet."

Add in Martin's other TV work on sci-fi series 'Roadmarks' and 'Wild Cards', psychological thriller 'Dark Winds', and Vincent D’Onofrio's 'Night Of The Cooters', and he's got enough work to keep him going for many years to come.

He ended the post by saying, yet again: "And in addition to all that, let me say one again, yes, I am still working on WINDS OF WINTER."

Read Geroge R. R. Martin's full blog post here.