The documentary will be available on multiple Sky channels.

A George Floyd documentary surrounding the horrific death of the man killed by police in Minneapolis on May 25 will be released on Sky and YouTube later this month.

The documentary, entitled 'Eight minutes and 46 seconds; the Killing of George Floyd', will aim to highlight the man who died at the hand's of police officers, as well as the important tidal wave of change which is currently sweeping across the world for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The title of the George Floyd documentary is related to the amount of time his neck was pinned under a white police officer's knee. During his funeral earlier this week, Democrat politicians including Nancy Pelosi knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds in Washington DC to honour his death.

Film director Spike Lee recently made his voice heard regarding the death of George Floyd, and made parallels between his death and his seminal 1989 movie 'Do The Right Thing'.

'Eight minutes and 46 seconds; the Killing of George Floyd' will air on Sky Documentaries, Sky News, Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, and YouTube on June 15.