Clooney on Downton? Oddly we can imagine it, we think he'll fit right in. The star is set to appear in a special episode of the show for charity to air at Christmas as part of UTV's annual Text Santa fundraising event.

The actor is set to play an American character who will be a guest at a wedding in the country estate. The star has already filmed the scenes but nobody is giving away any more details than that.

Apparently Clooney is a big fan of the show and is good mates with Hugh Bonneville these days since they filmed Monuments Men. Aw, bet those dudes have great craic together.

Sources told the Sun: "All the plans have been shrouded in secrecy because George was determined for his role not to leak out."

"All the other cast members and crew were also sworn to secrecy. It's amazing it's taken four months for someone to find out. This is the biggest moment in Downton history and shows it's now the biggest drama in the world."