Well everyone is starting to dress like we are back in the nineties again, so why not have a TV show about it? It was the decade that launched George Clooney into the world after all, and now the star is planning on making a TV show about this time in Hollywood land.

It's set to be a "dark comedy looking at the movie business through the eyes of the studio executives running it", according to Vulture and is set to have Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller and Rescue Me creator Peter Tolan involved.

The idea is just in its infancy really, but since everything Clooney touches pretty much turns to gold, no doubt Networks will be chomping at the bit for this.

And we could do with a bit more '90s retro style on our telly boxes, there's only so many reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 and ER we can watch.


Clooney... being all nineties.