The Cloonster (we came up with that ourselves, hope you approve) is back on our cinema screens with his Julia Roberts rom/com team-up 'Ticket to Paradise'. So he called into Stephen Colbert for a wide-ranging chat, and further proved that he's one of Hollywood's most charismatic men.

Can't get enough George Clooney into you? Then check out his interview below with the late-night host.

His latest theatrical release is quickly becoming the biggest romantic comedy of the year, no doubt thanks to himself and his good ol' pal Julia Roberts teaming up together for their fifth movie. Expected to be a box office smash once figures are totted up, it's easy-going movies like this that makes going to the cinema that bit more special, right?

And Clooney agrees. Saying the film is "a nice escape" to both see in cinemas and was also to film with his frequent co-star, he does admit that living in such close proximity to Roberts while filming took its toll. He says that at one point he was thinking: "Julia Roberts leave me alone!"

Clooney also spoke about his family - how he got Amal, his wife and one of Time Magazine's Women of the Year, "something nice" for their eight-year wedding anniversary; and how his son, Alexander, loves a particular superhero that is very familiar to the 61-year-old. He also clapped back at Colbert for throwing a picture of his wife on the floor, showcasing his deadpan comic skills are very much still intact.

Next on the agenda was a cheeky chat about his BFF and 'Ocean's Eleven' co-star Brad "Pretty Boy" Pitt. Throwing him right under that bus, Clooney says that he thinks when Pitt was asked in a recent interview about who he reckons are the most handsome men in the world, that before he landed on saying Clooney, he would have said himself.

He's set to star with Brad Pitt in Apple Studios' untitled thriller and admits that both stars took a pay cut so that the film will be available for audiences to see in cinemas.

The George Clooney interview then delved into his relationship with the late Paul Newman and the non-profit that he and his wife set up to help at-risk campaigners and journalists, The Clooney Foundation for Justice.

'Ticket to Paradise' is in cinemas now.