The classic sci-fi series is getting a fresh reboot from the Cloonster.

A 'Buck Rogers' TV series reboot is on the cards, with space-man extraordinaire George Clooney about to take off on yet another sci-fi adventure.

Set to star in this new adaptation of the pop culture icon, Clooney will also produce the series alongside Grant Heslov ('Argo'). However, which role the actor will play hasn't yet been disclosed.

For those unfamiliar with Buck Rogers, he is the main character of the 'Armageddon 2419 A.D' novella by Philip Francis Nowlan from 1928. Becoming a sci-fi staple early on, the series later expanded into comic books, radio shows, TV series, and TV movies.

Based on family-friendly intergalactic space adventures with the characters of Buck, Wilma Deering, Princess Ardala, and a robot named Twiki - you can see where George Lucas got his inspiration for 'Star Wars' from.

Hoping to breathe new life into a franchise that hasn't really been seen since the '80s, Clooney and Heslov will be joined on the project by writer Brian K. Vaughan. Vaughan has a number of writing credits to his name such as 'LOST' and the new 'Y: The Last Man' FX series.

Clooney of course has been no stranger to his fair share of space travel. As well as 'Solaris' and 'Gravity', he released his Netflix directorial debut before Christmas, 'The Midnight Sky'.

Expect more announcements for the 'Buck Rogers' TV series to be released later this year.