Could Gary Barlow be about to make the next great talent show?

He's teaming up with the BBC to produce a new talent show with a Take That theme. Let it Shine will be hosted by Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc and will focus on putting together a band to star in a new Mamma Mia style musical featuring the music of Take That. The BBC are hoping the new show will be a big enough hit to replace The Voice which it recently lost to ITV.

Barlow has said that you won't need to be a Take That member lookalike to have a chance of making the cut because the show will just be a story featuring Take That songs rather than be being the story of Take That. 

“Back in 1989, we were just a group of normal guys from Manchester who came together to become Take That. The secret to our success was that each of us brought something different to the group and that the five of us had real chemistry. Now with Let It Shine we’re looking for people from all walks of life to form another unique group who can recreate that magic."

The show is set to have an eight week run that will see Barlow and three other as yet unannounced panelists fill the key roles for the musical. 

Via The Guardian