If there was anything on TV that could be talked about more than Game of Thrones, it's the World Cup, and what a tournament it's proven to be! We may not have been taking part but God dammit we have surely rallied behind the occasion. Before Suarez's gnashers and Tim Howard's heroics were the topics of conversation however, we were all obsessed (well, most of us) with the goings-on in the Seven Kingdoms.

Now a talented designer from Spain has decided to combine both these loves and developed the Game of Thrones football jerseys, and they are beauts, to say the least.

The fashion designer called Nerea Palacios is a big fan of Nike and wants to work for the company (as his twitter handle will tell you).

You've certainly got our attention Nerea, now somebody call Nike and make this happen!


And our favourite, Jon Snow would ROCK this.

For more of Nerea's designs head to iwanttoworkfornike.tumblr.com