So, you thought your watch had ended? Ha! You know nothing (Jon Snow).

'Game of Thrones' may be done and dusted, but if you're looking for a way to fill the gaping hole left in your Monday night TV-watching schedule, there's good news.

'The Last Watch' is a 2-hour documentary about the show's final season, and is, as one person put it, "a love letter to the Game of Thrones crew."

It was simulcast on HBO in the States and for UK and Irish viewers, on Sky Atlantic at 2am this morning, and will be repeated on Sky Atlantic at 9pm tonight.

Director Jeanie Finlay teed-up people on what to expect on Twitter:

It goes behind-the-scenes on Season 8, showing just how much work went into the final season. It also includes footage from the cast's table read of the last script, showing Kit Harington reacting to how Jon and Daenerys's relationship comes to an end... (spoilers, obviously):

And then there's his reaction to Arya's triumph over the Night King:

There's also footage from various cast members' final days on set:

The documentary has received a pretty good reaction on social media, in general... better than the actual season, in fact.