Poor old Jorah. He finally gets what he wants from his Khaleesi and she sends him away again. At least he has something to live for this time.

Iain Glen spoke to Vulture about his experiences on the show recently and hinted at his possibly demise on the show while also keeping our hopes alive that he might get away with not dying of the madness that his Greyscale will inevitably cause.

"They've got a worried actor on their hands." he told Vulture. "For any actor on the show, most of the time we're just thinking, "Please keep me alive!" I've been very lucky to be a part of the show, right back to the pilot. If I go out in the madness of greyscale, then I'll have thought I've done very well. It's been a complete treat to be a part of the show. They're a lovely group of people. But the greyscale has definitely got this actor worried, I'll be honest about that."

"But I've got to find a solution, or I'm on the road to madness." he added.

With language like that it sounds like old reliable Jorah is sticking around for the foreseeable, doesn't it?

Of course, he could be pulling a fast one on us (albeit better than Kit Harington's attempts) and be gone before the season is out but we've a feeling he's not going anywhere soon. He'll probably just disappear for a while until the plot needs him again, like someone we'd pretty much forgotten about who's probably very tired at this stage.

Via Vulture