As if we weren't excited enough as it is for season six of Game of Thrones (only one month to go!) but now the showrunners are teasing it even more saying they feel it's the best one yet. In fairness they have continued to set the bar higher and higher each season so it's no surprise, but there's no doubt about it that this upcoming season has the most mystery surrounding it yet.

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss recently watched all ten of the near-final cut edits of the episodes and told Entertainment Weekly which part they were most excited about;

"The whole season,” Benioff replied. “Dan and I talk about this a lot. This is not us trying to hype it. Usually there’s an episode or two we’re kind of nervous about, that didn’t turn out as well as we hoped. This season there is not a weak episode. We had great directors who knew what they were doing, paired with excellent [directors of photography]. We thought at the script stage it might be our strongest season. Then the episodes came in better than we hoped. We’re always reluctant to say it’s ‘the best season yet’ because so much of that is in the eyes of the beholder. And Dan and I are so close to it that it’s impossible to be unbiased. But that’s my sense – watching them all together now, this is the best one we’ve done. It’s also the one I’m proudest of, because it was the hardest."

Just let us see it already!!

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Season six of Game of Thrones will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic at 2am on April 25, at the same time as it airs in the US, and will be repeated at 9pm the same day.