Game of Thrones have done big battle set pieces before, but season 6 will feature the biggest one yet according to one of the show's writers. 

***There may be potential spoilers below. These are just theories but if you'd rather not have anything spoiled for you we'd suggest you look away now.***

At the end of season one of the show many fans felt cheated by the fact The Battle of the Green Fork and The Whispering Wood was glossed over by having Tyrion get knocked out and sleep through it all. The simple reason for it according to the showrunners at the time was that they simply didn't have enough money to do it justice. 

In fairness though, they more than made up for it the following year with The Battle of Blackwater. They topped that again in Season four with the 'Watchers on the Wall' while last year's 'Hardhome' was a series standout for many fans. 

However the best is yet to come according to one writer. The show's creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss already commented on the fact that they felt season six would be the best one yet, now writer Bryan Cogman is doubling down on the boasting by claiming that one of the episodes will feature the biggest battle scene ever on the show. 

“It’s definitely the biggest [action sequence yet],” Thrones writer-producer Bryan Cogman told EW. “We’ve always wanted to get to a place – story-wise and budget-wise and time-wise and resource-wise – where we would be able to do a proper battle, with one army on one side, one army on another side.”

The episode will be directed by Miguel Sapochnik who was the man behind last season's epic 'Hardhome' There was several brief shots of a battle scenes in the latest trailer of the show so one would assume that this would be the battle Cogman is referring to. There's no details yet on who the battle will be between but fans have speculated that it will be the much anticipated 'Snowbowl' AKA The Battle of the Bastards which would see a Jon Snow led wildlings force take on Ramsay Bolton's army at Winterfell.

Of course for that theory to be true it would require a certain someone to come back from the dead.

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