'Game of Thrones' episode three from season eight, 'The Long Night' sets a new record that isn't all that surprising. *SPOILERS BELOW*

Well we've all seen it now, and to be honest we're still reeling from the fact that The Night King is no more. After eight seasons of build-up, of definite impending death coming for Westeros, it was our saving grace Arya Stark that ousted Winter once and for all.

Arya Stark - whoever said they saw that coming, we demand to see proof.

However, the epic Battle of Winterfell that went down in this week's episode divided fans. Being filmed over 55 nights in Belfast, the episode was the biggest battle in TV (and film) history - the behind the scenes making of is well worth a watch if you haven't already. Having said that, many were disappointed with the lighting of the episode, particularly in the first act, where it was hard to decipher who was fighting who.

And so, Twitter was on fire. In fact, Twitter was so abuzz with chat about 'The Long Night' that the episode has ended up being the most-Tweeted TV episode of all time. According to Variety, viewers' reactions to that Arya Vs. The Night King touted 7.8 million tweets. In case you were wondering who was in second place, it was the season eight premiere with five million tweets.

So far in 2019, there have been over 52 million tweets about HBO's hit fantasy series. And in all honesty, when it's gold like this, we'll happily keep reading them.

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