As usual, if you're not up to date with season five of Game of Thrones, don't read on.

For the rest of you, whether you are a GoT book reader or indeed just a fan of the show, at this stage you are probably aware of the theories of Jon Snow's lineage. If not, they are outlined in more detail here, but in summary, it is that Jon Snow was actually the child of Ned Stark's sister Lyanna with Rhaegar Targaryen, making him the very literal embodiment of ice and fire, which is what the whole series of books is named after. Yep.

Essentially, that would make good old Jon Snow key to the whole bloody thing. And you thought he was dead. Pfftt.

So what new piece of information has given us hope that this theory could be true? Well, new locations have been revealed for season six of Game of Thrones, which begins filming at the end of the month, and one in particular looks very like the Tower of Joy from the books.

Why is that significant? Well the Tower of Joy is where Ned Stark is said to have found his sister just before she died. However, this is where many believe that Lyanna died in childbirth and big bro Ned stepped in to care for the baby, knowing that if Robert ever discovered the truth, he would have had the baby killed, in the same way he spent so long trying to track down Daenarys and kill her. 

This could imply they were considering doing a flashback episode, but we won't jump to that happy conclusion yet as that of course would mean Ned Stark was coming back. Who knows what it will be used for, and indeed it is yet to be confirmed if this will in fact be the famed 'Tower of Joy'.

But take a look at the pictures of the location below, and then head here to see a rendering of the Tower of Joy, and let us know what you think.