Although 'Game Of Thrones' wrapped in Belfast just a few days ago, it looks like there won't be much of a gap in time between the next time Paint Hall sees Westeros again - as it's being reported the prequel series will begin filming as early as October of this year.

The report from the Belfast Telegraph claims that staff at the studio have been briefed on the next major project - the as-yet untitled 'Game Of Thrones' prequel - and will secure jobs there will into 2020. The prequel isn't the only major project that's rolling through the North, either. Although Disney have said that they're holding fire on more 'Star Wars' spinoffs, it's been reported that the long-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff will begin filming in April 2019.

While a pilot is only the first step in getting a series commissioned, the massive success of 'Game Of Thrones' means that it's almost a certainty. The only thing that could likely prove a stumbling block to that is either the prohibitive cost or the fact that it's, well, not very good. No casting has been announced yet for the prequel series, but if filming is to begin in October, there'll likely be some names attached in the coming months.

In the meantime, the final season of 'Game Of Thrones' arrives on screens in 2019.