If there's one thing 'Game of Thrones' needs, it's a degree of silliness because there's enough of it going on in the series already.

That's why this mash-up from Funny Or Die is so perfect. Taking on the key scene from last week's episode where Daenerys and Tyrion confront Cersei at the gates of King's Landing, it gets a little twist for good measure - John Cleese from 'Monty Python'.

Namely, it replaces Cersei with the French soldiers from 'Monty Python's The Holy Grail', as played by John Cleese. It's actually quite odd how well 'Monty Python' works with it, which probably tells you how badly this final season is going for 'Game of Thrones'.

We'll have a full round-up of the penultimate episode of 'Game of Thrones' tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out. For now, enjoy this, you caniggit.