Enjoy Game of Thrones while you can lads: The show's bosses have said that they're at the half way point, and do plan on wrapping the whole thing up before it outstays its welcome.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said that while the total number of seasons hasn't been finalised (get your backside in gear George RR Martin), they do plan to get to the end of the tale, sooner rather than later.

"There is a tendency, I think, if something goes well, you want to stick with it and just keep it going forever and ever," Benioff explained. "As much fun as we're having with this... part of the reason we love this story so much is because it's a single story. This very much has a beginning and an end and we're nearly halfway there."

He does have a point, I mean we're not sure how many more episodes like The Rains of Castamere we could actually handle. Of course we can't actually move too far forward until George finishes the book series, but sure every time someone asks him, he probably plans to kill off another member of a certain central family. We're still in a glass case of emotion, much like Richard Madden on the tube right here...

Getting back to the big bosses, Weiss said that they had always planned to bring the show to an end, and wouldn't be deviating from the plan despite it's massive success."The point going into it was that we wanted to start at the beginning and work our way through to the end, work our way through to the point beyond which there was no reason to keep telling the story because it was over.

"How long exactly that's going to take and what form it's going to take is obviously something that needs to be determined as we go." We said it before and we'll say it again, George, please get to work on the books and errr, go easy on the mass slaughter, yeah? We want Jon Snow to live long enough for us to find out if our theories about him are actually true...

Catch the last in the current series of Game of Thrones (if you've recovered from the Red Wedding that is) on Sky Atlantic this Monday night from 9pm.