*Spoilers below*

This week's episode of Game of Thrones, Eastwatch, was like reunion-palooza with major and minor characters meeting again or else establishing their connections with each other - a lot of folks knew a lot of other folks da's.

The final moments however, saw a collection of completely random characters get together for an insane mission beyond the wall to pick themselves up one of those army of the dead lot to take home with them in what has to be the most ill-thought out plan in Game of Thrones ever.

All of Westeros' Magnificent Seven are known to the viewers but here's a reminder of how they all know each other.

1. Jon Snow

Who he knows:  While Jon obviously knows Tormund, here is his connection to some of his other Merry Men.

 - The Hound

Jon says he saw The Hound once at Winterfell, which would have been when Robert Baratheon and Cersei arrived on that now infamous visit back in the very first few episodes of Game of Thrones in season one. Of course The Hound also knew Arya very well from their little road trip together and would have been nearby when the Red Wedding happened at Riverrun, so these two have plenty to talk about... if they decide to.

 - Ser Jorah Mormont

While Jon and Ser Jorah Mormont had never met before, Jon of course knew his father well, Jeor Mormont, who was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch until he was killed at Craster's Keep. What Jorah didn't mention was that he also knew Jon's father, (well, uncle as we now know) as it was Ned who sentenced Jorah to death for slave trading which led to him going on the run and finding our girl Daenerys.

- Gendry

Jon and Gendry, the bromance we all didn't know we needed in our lives. This pair's interaction upon meeting was a callback to Robert and Ned's reunion back in season one...

These two were both raised as bastards, and like The Hound, Gendry has also spent a significant amount of time with Arya in the earlier seasons. 

- Beric Dondarrion

Jon and Beric don't know each other, but they have both been resurrected from the dead, a point which could well be of significance on this jaunt. In case you've forgotten, Beric has been brought back to life a load of times by Thoros of Myr. It was actually Melisandre learning about this that led her to try and ultimately succeed in resurrecting Jon

2. Ser Jorah Mormont

Who he knows: Besides knowing Jon's dad, Ser Jorah also knows Thoros of Myr from the Brotherhood quite well. These two both fought in The Siege of Pyke together (nine years before the beginning of the Game of Thrones series), something that Ser Jorah recalled in a conversation with Ser Barristan Selmy back in season three.

3. Beric Dondarrion

Who he knows: As Gendry points out in the cells, Beric and Thoros were the ones who sold Gendry to Melisandre for gold back in season three, a move which earned them a place on Arya's list, so if those White Walkers don't kill this pair, Arya certainly will try. 


4. The Hound

Who he knows: The Hound aka Sandor Clegane teamed up with The Brotherhood Without Banners in season six but he also met them in season three where he revealed the identity of Arya Stark to them, who they had captured at the time. Arya then accused him of killing her friend Mycah, which Sandor didn't deny but said he was in no place to question Joffrey's orders. The Brotherhood then charged him with the crime of following orders to kill Mycah, and gave him a fair trial by combat. Sandor and Beric fought each other with Sandor ultimately winning, although Arya then attempted to kill The Hound but was stopped by Gendry.

5. Gendry

Who he knows: The Brotherhood, The Hound and is connected to Jon through their fathers' friendship as well as through his time with Arya Stark.


6. Thoros of Myr

Who he knows: Beric, The Hound, Ser Jorah, Gendry.

7. Tormund

Who he knows: Jon and he knew of Ser Jorah's father as the former Lord Commander was not a fan of wildlings.



Here's the moment they all met again if you want a reminder: