Although there was a star-studded wrap party last weekend, it's understood that filming continued on for possible reshoots up until yesterday., which have been pretty on the money with their reporting, cite sources from inside the production that claim the very last scenes of the series were filmed yesterday and that as of right now, 'Game Of Thrones' has stopped cameras for the final time.

According to set photos, much of the action took place on the King's Landing set. As if to corroborate this, one actor in particular - Maisie Williams - posted on her Instagram about the end of her filming on the series.

Here's her post, which may or may not be spoilery if you read into it.

So, what now? Well, there's the lengthy post-production process, CGI, music and scoring, grading, not to mention editing - so really, it's no surprise that HBO is holding off on specifically naming a return date for the eighth season as the amount of work still to do is pretty vast.

'Game Of Thrones' is expected to return at some point in 2019.