We have no intention of giving anyone any spoilers at all here, so if you are not up to date with season five of Game of Thrones, then away with you!

For the rest of you, you will be happy to hear that fans of the show have come up with yet another theory that proves there could be hope for Jon Snow yet. Although... while we remain hopelessly optimistic that it's not the end for our Night's Watch Commander, we're not quite sure about this theory.

Fans are saying that in the final moments of the season five finale, as Jon lies in the snow bleeding, you can see his eyes change colour from dark brown to an icy purplish-blue.




Yeah. We don't see it either.

Although, the image below has taken the shadowing out of the shot, which makes it a little easier to..... nope, we just don't see it.

This is like that pesky dress all over again.

So what does it mean if his eyes did in fact change colour?

Well, for one it suggests that Jon Snow is undergoing some kind of mystical transformation, which would fit in nicely with the theory that Jon is a Warg like his brother Bran, and could have 'warged' into his direwolf Ghost in the final moments.

It also ties in with that R+L=J theory, which is that Jon Snow is in fact the son of Ned Stark's sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. If this were true, it would mean that Jon, like Daenarys, was of Targaryen descent, and Targaryens are known for their purplish eyes. So as a Targaryen heir - Jon would also be a possible contender for the Lord of Light’s death-defying champion (who Melisandre thought Stannis was).

Are they clutching at straws with this 'eye-color change' theory? Yes. But we just can't live in a world where Jon Snow could die for no reason, so dammit we may just stare at these pics looking for a sign until our eyes change colour.

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