The end is nigh on 'Game of Thrones' as we head into what will be the second-last episode ever.

It's still difficult to predict what will go down in what promises to be yet another huge battle episode. However, we now have 9 new photos released to help us work some of it out.

These are all from early in the episode from what we can see.

Take a look:

Game of Thrones DaenerysThe first pic is a bit heartbreaking. Daenerys stares out from Dragonstone looking absolutely broken from it all.


Game of Thrones TyrionTyrion looks very worried indeed.


Game of Thrones Jon SnowThere's then a pic of Jon Snow arriving on a boat. He was supposed to be riding with his men to King's Landing but maybe somebody sent a raven saying, yo, your aunt needs you bro.


Game of Thrones Grey WormGrey Worm. Without his Missandei.


Game of Thrones CerseiCersei's smirk is starting to grate a bit now.


Game of Thrones EuronAt least Euron looks genuinely thrown here. The Iron Fleet joining Dany hopefully?


Game of Thrones Golden CompanyThe aforementioned shot of the Golden Company.


Game of Thrones Jon and Ser DavosJon, Ser Davos and some northern folk also battle ready.


Game of Thrones The Last BattleAnother one pre-battle.


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