We don't know if we are quite ready for the amount of bloodshed we will see at the upcoming Battle of Winterfell in episode 3 of 'Game of Thrones'. It's time to mentally prepare though as it's only a matter of days away and is set to be the biggest battle ever seen on screen.

This week's episode clocks in at one hour 22 minutes, making it the longest episode of 'Game of Thrones' yet. Given how much of a wake that latest episode felt like, you can expect a very high death toll.


Game of Thrones' season 8, episode 2 review


Speculation is rife over what will actually go down, with theories abound about the safety of those "safe" crypts as well as where the Night King will be.

Now HBO has dropped 6 pics from the episode that will leave you with even more questions.

Mainly over this one:


Why, pray tell, do Daenerys and Jon look completely non-battle ready in this picture? The two of them are gazing out at Winterfell, but is it during the battle? After? Other images released show Jon very much in fighting mode, but does he have a wee break with Daeny on the hills to contemplate his next move? He's got all his winter garb on though...

In the teaser dropped for this week's episode we see Daenerys say to Jon: "The dead are already here." Could she be trying to convince him to get the hell out of dodge? We can't imagine Jon abandoning Winterfell, Daenerys on the other hand. (We speculated on as much on this week's 'Thrones Show'.

Other images released don't unveil too much.

We have one of Varys and Tyrion in the crypts, which look as peaceful and a safe as everyone kept insisting they were in episode 2. Who knows what will change there though.

Game of Thrones episode 3


There's one of Sansa looking very regal. Although what's that face lurking in the background? Maybe there are people standing behind her though so let's not read too much into that one. (It's a zombie Stark!!!!)

Game of Thrones Sansa


There's also this one of Sansa and Arya on the battlements, with Sansa's face looking pretty scared. Natural enough though, this is a battle.

Game of Thrones


Speaking of the battle, here is one of Jaime and Brienne on the front lines together. Sigh, are they going to die side by side?

Game of Thrones Brienne Jaime


And finally Mr Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen himself, deep in battle mode, also holding a look of horror on his face. And his gaze is pointing upwards, perhaps to a zombie dragon in the sky? His own dragon friend?


Here's the teaser again if you want to investigate further.


No matter what we speculate on, there are bound to be plenty of surprises in store for this episode. At least by the end of it, we should have some idea how these mysterious final three episodes will go down.


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