After nine years, 72 episodes and numerous awards, 'Game of Thrones' came to an end last month with the finale of the eighth series.

Unless you were living under a rock you'll know that the entire final series wasn't best received by fans and critics alike. Many were left frustrated by the slow pacing, unsatisfying conclusions and even dodgy production at times.

But one person who thought the reaction was a little over the top, and doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by it, is author and creator of 'Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin.

Martin was appearing on Leonard Maltin's 'Maltin on Movies' podcast when he addressed the backlash from 'Thrones' fans.

"The Internet is toxic in a way that the old fanzine culture and fandoms — comics fans, science fiction fans in those days – was not," he said.

"There were disagreements. There were feuds, but nothing like the madness that you see on the internet."

He also spoke about the several 'Thrones' spin-offs that are reportedly in the works and whether or not they could ever be as popular as the original.

"The scale of 'Game of Thrones' success has — reaching all over the world and invading the culture — it's not something anyone could ever anticipate, not something I expect to ever experience again," he said.