Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers in here.

George R. R. Martin was speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this week when he announced to the world that yes, some fans had already correctly guessed the ending to his hugely popular Game Of Thrones series of books. 

The author stated that, using clues that he had placed in the novels so far, some of the more attentive readers out there had managed to spot what he has been planning and that a few of the many theories posted on some message boards dedicated to the books were on the money. 

However, according to The Telegraph, while he did think about altering the ending in order to continue to surprise readers, he has opted to stick to his original plan and to simply stop reading the forums. 

He also revealed that his fans, in particular the female ones, are begging him to include more explicit sex scenes in his books, and have asked that he include more gay sex in his next offering. "I don't pretend to understand this", he remarked, but judging by all the ridin' that's constantly going on a anyway, we wouldn't be surprised to see some more included. 

He did state that his writing was not a democratic process however, and that if fans had been given the chance, a few more of the characters that everyone disliked would have met their ends a lot sooner, before adding that he wasn't going to "shy away" from any storyline. 

Via The Telegraph