Game of Thrones has been cleaning up at awards shows recently and they now add yet another accolade to their show as one of their stars has just been named Esquire's sexiest woman alive.

While there are many the pretty lady on the show, you can probably guess who secured the title - yep, it's Emilia Clarke! Or the Mother of Dragons as fans of the show will know her. Or Daenerys Targaryen, or Khalessi. My God she has a lot of names come to think of it, but we just call her Daeny.

Lisa Hintelmann of Esquire said; "Emilia Clarke is unforgettable in Game Of Thrones and was hands down the number one choice of Esquire’s staff, friends and family".

While Esquire's Benjamin Markovits added; "She can do fierce, but also friendly. She can be queen, but also kid sister, killer or girl next door".

28-year-old London actress Emilia Clarke has worked on Game of Thrones since season one and since then has also starred as Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys.

Clarke will feature on the cover of this month's Esquire magazine...