It may have been a while since we have seen Renly Baratheon hanging around Westeros, but the actor who played him is still keeping busy and has just been signed onto David Duchovny's new NBC drama 'Aquarius' to play the infamous Charles Manson.

Actor Gethin Anthony has joined the cast alongside Friday Night Lights’ Grey Damon who will play Duchovny's partner. The show will be set in the '60's and will follow Duchovny as he investigates the Manson cult in the 13-part series.

TV Line have described the character of Manson in the show as the "archetypal Authentic Hippie Freak whose intense charisma draws young followers to him in droves. A jailbird who has spent half his life in prison, Manson dominates his young women followers through a combination of sex, drugs and a paternalistic and caring attitude that masks his inner evil."

There he is as Renly Baratheon in Game if Thrones, sporting the beard he will no doubt be growing back for this Manson role.