What with it being Star Wars Day and all, we had to give this a quick mention. With the news that our own Domhnall Gleeson joining the cast of Star Wars, not to mention the rest of those announced, things seem to be kicking off in a galaxy far, far away. To tie us Star Wars fans over between now and 2015 when Episode VII arrives, DisneyXD's Rebels will show us what's been happening between the prequels and the original trilogy.

Focusing a group of - you guessed it - rebels, including an undercover Jedi Knight, a young kid and an astromech droid (that's what R2D2 is, basically), Rebels looks set to be following on from the highly successful Clone Wars TV series. In fact, the same crew of writers and directors led by Dave Filoni will be working on Rebels.

Initial thoughts? Believe it or not, The Clone Wars was actually pretty cool. Sure, it's for kids but if you're an avid Star Wars fan, it was a pretty decent watch. This may be aimed at younger audiences, sure, but if you need your Star Wars fix now, this looks like it could be cool.

Check out the full trailer below.