If you're a Friends fan and looking for more games to play with your, eh, friends, then you're going to have to get this latest version of the Monopoly board game.

Friends Monopoly is played just like the traditional game except you can play with the likes of Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest or Phoebe’s acoustic guitar.

The game includes a game board, 8 tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 chance cards, 18 community chest cards, a pack of monopoly money, 32 (Rachel) green houses, 12 red hotels, 2 dice and one speed die. The collector’s edition game is made for 2-6 players ages 8+.

The game costs £29.99 (just under €35) and you can find it here.

Enjoy and always remember, rules are good. Rules help control the fun.