With 'Friends' celebrating its 25th birthday in September, most people of a certain age have been enjoying reminiscing about the TV show they grew up binging, before distractions like the internet came along.

However, a savage takedown of the show has caused some controversy online.

Buzzfeed writer Scaachi Koul has declared the show 'absolute garbage' and says that it 'hasn't aged well.'

"There’s been some ongoing online discussion about the strange dissonance between Friends nostalgia and the reality of the show’s poor quality," she writes. "But still, overwhelmingly, audiences seem fine pretending that Friends was any good at all."

She adds that the show reportedly relied on obvious tropes, like Monica being fat as a teen, Ross's ex-wife being a lesbian and Chandler's dad being a drag queen, adding "Save for a few token characters of color that popped up every now and then, the show was so white that Phoebe, as the only blonde, could be considered a minority."

A surprising number of people have agreed with Kouli's unpopular take, however:

Others stood their ground and defended the show:

And let us not forget the real reason for all of this kerfuffle...