Six 'Friends' fans have put their familiar-looking faces to the test, and acted out a memorable scene from the comedy series starring the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

With a reunion special due to film later this summer - after first being delayed due to productions having to shut down for safety - fans of the TV series have been making novel ways of filling that 'Friends'-shaped void in recent times.

Filming separately, six friends who all look eerily familiar to the characters from the comedy series decided to film a moment from that iconic Thanksgiving episode in series seven, entitled 'The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs'. Chandler sets his five friends the task of naming as many US States as they can within six minutes, dubbed the "dumb States game", which leads to various results.

Adopting their character's personas, and looking strikingly like their on-screen counterparts - Joey in particular - the six friends play out the scene where Phoebe decides she'll just name out the various types of celery instead.

Check out the video of the 'Friends' doppelgangers below.

And here's the original in case you've forgotten.