The 'Friends' reunion has been delighting fans as all this new behind-the-scenes trivia is now emerging.

During the run of the hit sitcom, we saw the gang travel to such locations as Las Vegas and London. It turns out that at one point, a trip to Disney World was also on the cards for 'Friends'.

Kevin S. Bright, one of the original executive producers on 'Friends', was promoting the reunion special on the 'Tim & Jess' show in Australia when he revealed a storyline that ultimately got axed.

"We were very close to doing 'Friends' in Disney World," Bright said. "Originally Disney World approached us. [Former Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO] Michael Eisner called me and said, 'We'd really like to do a shoot on location in the park.'"

Bright thought that the adult nature of the sitcom was "kind of risqué for Disney stuff."

However he was told this wasn't a problem and to "do whatever you want."

The story idea they came up with, however, was rejected by the House of Mouse. And it's kind of easy to see why.

"Joey gets a summer job as a giant… he's basically a giant lightbulb in the electrical parade," Bright said.

He continued: "The cast goes down there to see him. And before they get there, Joey has a date with the girl in the Disney parade that plays Cinderella.

"They go back to his place, they have sex, and she realizes it's midnight. She's got to get that costume back or they're gonna dock pay from her. So, she's in a hurry, she gathers up her clothing, Joey doesn't even know her name."

Inspired by the Cinderella fairytale, Joey realises the woman has left her bra (in lieu of a glass slipper) behind. Now it's his only way to find her again.

"That was the story we pitched to Disney, and that's where the story ended," Bright concluded.

You can stream all of 'Friends' on Netflix now. The reunion special is available on NOW or Sky.