The rain is pouring down across the country today so you may already be making plans to just, well, ditch plans. If so, you'll be wanting to know what to watch on the box, won't you? Well as usual, Friday night TV has gone above and beyond so be prepared to make tough decisions on what you will watch and what you will just have to record. You have some hard choices ahead, but we believe in you TV friend.

Masters of Sex

RTE2: 11.15pm

This new series returns, and in case you haven't seen it before, no it's not about people who are really good at sex. Well, not really, it's about two pioneering sex researchers in 1950's America who certainly aren't afraid of rattling a few cages with their findings, as Masters discovered at his own expense after his particularly risque presentation in the last series. This opening episode deals with the fallout of that, while Virginia has her own problems to deal with as everyone thinks that she was the woman in the infamous film. Also tonight, Scully comes up with a pretty aggressive way of 'curing' his homosexuality...oh dear.


The Late Late Show

RTE 1: 9.35pm

It's shaping up to be a pretty decent Late Late Show lineup this week as it's been revealed that one of our absolute favourite Game of Thrones stars is set to appear. It's only young Arya Stark herself! Actress Maisie Williams is in town to promote her new Irish film called 'Gold' so she will be chatting to Ryan about that and of course her character Arya and what it's like to be part of a globally successful TV series like Game of Thrones. Maisie isn't the only great guest lined up, singer Ed Sheeran will also be on the show for a bit of a song, and Newstalk broadcaster Ivan Yates will also be in the mix. Also tonight, it will be the first European television appearance of John and Diane Foley, parents of photojournalist Jim Foley, who was horrendously beheaded by ISIS in Northern Syria on August 19th.


The Graham Norton Show

BBC1: 10:35pm

After a fairly average opening episode, Graham is back again this week and once more has a whole host of stars on the couch. Hugh Grant will be to talk about his new movie The Rewrite, yet another romantic comedy for the actor, but sure if it's not broke and all that. Also on the show is his Love Actually co-star Emma Thompson, talking about the new Peter Rabbit book she has written, while Welsh up and coming star Luke Evans will be on talking about his new movie Dracula Untold. Finally, music legend Lenny Kravitz will be topping things off performing his single 'Strut'. All sounds fairly promising!


The Blacklist

Sky Living: 9.00pm

A new series of this conspiracy thriller begins starring the excellent James Spader as the master criminal Raymond 'Red' Reddington who has agreed to work with the feds in their investigations. Tonight sees us catching up with Red a few months after the carnage caused by Berlin, however he now faces a new adversary called Lord Baltimore, who sounds a little bit like a Harry Potter character, but we'll let that go as this really is a great show. There's also a few familiar faces joining the cast for this series including Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker, Mozhan Marno from House of Cards and Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter also makes a guest appearance.



BBC2: 10.00pm

There's a repeat of this show pretty much every time you turn on Dave these days, but finally a new series of QI is here. The ridiculously intelligent Stephen Fry will be at the helm of proceedings as usual and tonight his panel will feature show favourites Sarah Millican, Ross Noble, Colin Lane, and of course, Alan Davies. The series has moved onto dealing with all things relating to the letter L now, with the first episode featuring everything from lonely whales to larval locomotives. We've missed the Quite Interesting facts and banter of a Friday.


Iron Man

RTE2: 9:00pm

This is the first of many of the Marvel comics movies that were brought to life in recent years, Iron Man is everything a superhero action flick should be and more. The story begins with arms manufacturer Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) who is taken hostage by a terrorist group, and realises that the weapons his company builds have been falling into the wrong hands. How can he get out of this predicament? Why build himself his own hi-tech armoured suit of course! Cracker of a sound track on this too featuring guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, with the flick also starring the legendary Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow.