This could either be a brilliant idea or a terrible one.

'Frasier' is undoubtedly one of the most loved sitcoms of all time, running from 1993 to 2004. Now, however - following the likes of revivals of 'Roseanne', 'Will & Grace' and 'Murphy Brown', the show may be next in line for a reboot.

According to Deadline, its star Kelsey Grammer is sussing out the possibility of a reboot. It's believed that it would be set in a new city, moving on from Seattle, where the series was originally set.

Although it's still in the very early stages and nothing has been confirmed, Grammer is reportedly meeting with writers who are pitching ideas for the potential reboot - and if one can be agreed on, things could progress from there.

One character who'll sadly be missing from any future episodes, of course, is the late John Mahoney, who died earlier this year.