"There might be something. I would be down 100 per cent."

A 'Malcolm in the Middle' revival series could be in the pipeline according to the main star of the original comedy. If true, we'd give anything to hear Lois scream "WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?" at something she finds unjust (or her crazy kids).

Frankie Muniz, who played titular character Malcolm for all seven seasons of the show from 2000 to 2006, recently revealed that his former co-star Bryan Craston is working on a revival or reboot of the sitcom. Cranston played the father of the dysfunctional family, Hal, whose son Malcolm was a boy genius.

Muniz, now aged 36, told Fox News that he reflected on his previous life after watching all 151 episodes of the series, saying he'd happily board whatever project Cranston is working on.

He said he'd love to know where the Wilkerson family is now: "When I was filming the show, I obviously was a kid. We did seven seasons, 151 episodes. I didn’t really watch the show when it was on, but I’ve now since watched the show with my wife. We [watched] all 151 episodes… I realized, 'Wow, that’s what we were making.' I can separate myself from being on it and watching it as a fan. I would love to know what the family’s up to."

He continued: "I know Bryan Cranston is really into the idea and he’s kind of heading writing the script and getting everything rolling. So, there might be something. I would be down 100 per cent. But I don’t know - we’ll see what happens."

Although the comedy series proved incredibly popular during its run, it was only Bryan Cranston who was able to forge a successful acting career out of it (thanks, in part, to the success of 'Breaking Bad'). Cast members Jane Kaczmarek (Lois), Christopher Masterson (Francis), Emy Coligado (Piama), Justin Berfield (Reese) and Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) have all appeared in minor roles in countless TV series and films over the years.

While we wait for further confirmation on a potential 'Malcolm in the Middle' revival, here are some of the best opening sequences of the series - we had nearly forgotten how much hell these boys put poor Hal through.

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