Ah here, what's the matter with you Fox? We have invested time and energy into the trials and tribulations of Dr Mindy Kuhel Lahiri (or Mindy Kaling as we all know her) and now they've gone and washed their hands on her.

There may however be hope for The Mindy Project's continuation over on streaming service Hulu who are apparently in talks with the show’s producer for additional seasons, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The last we saw of Mindy at the end of season three was when she was boarding a plane to India with her beau Danny to ask for her parents permission for them to tie the knot, and there's the matter of their unborn child. We need to see how this goes down so fingers crossed Hulu will have more sense than Fox.

These next few days are set to be all go in TV land by the way as the future of many more shows are currently being decided. Watch this space!