Remember how we told you there were rumours circulating around the internet about a new series of 24? Well, they aren't just rumours any more because Fox has confirmed that the show will most definitely be back.

The network's president Kevin Reilly officially revealed that the action-drama will return to Fox for a "limited series", which will go by the name of 24: Live Another Day. (What is this, a James Bond movie?) And you may as well forget about getting 24 hourly installments, as the show will only be back for 12 episodes, broadcast across 12 weeks. Boo-urns.

Now, don't go getting too excited, because you'll be waiting quite a while to see Jack back in action. In fact, you'll be waiting a full year: Reilly says the show won't hit US TV screens until May 2014 at the earliest.

But hey, at least we're not left in 24 movie limbo any more, right? Wonder if Elisha Cuthbert will be back in action as Kim...