It seems everything that was in any way popular in the eighties and nineties can become victim of the TV reboot, and the Lethal Weapon movies are just the latest set to be turned into a small screen version.

The buddy cop flicks, which starred Mel Gibson and Donald Glover, have previously announced that Damon Wayans Sr. will play the role of Murtaugh, while we are still waiting to hear who will play Mel Gibson's Riggs.

We do know however that Mad Men alum Kevin Rahm has been cast as a series regular. Rahm would be known to fans of that period drama as Ted Chaough, while he has also had previous roles in the likes of Madame Secretary, Desperate Housewives, Bates Motel and The Mentalist.

According to Deadline;

"Rahm will play the successful yet humble Captain Avery, more politician than cop, dressing the part of top brass since his early days as Murtaugh’s partner. Avery, who paired up Murtaugh with Riggs, hoping the younger cop can put a little vigor back in Murtaugh’s career, enjoys the corner office that came with his recent promotion to Captain."

The pilot episode is written by Matt Miller and directed by McG, and will follow a similar premise to the original movies as it will see Texas cop and former Navy SEAL Martin Riggs moving to LA following the loss of his wife and baby, and partnered up with LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh, who, having recently suffered a “minor” heart attack, must avoid stress in his life.

And sure no doubt the usual Riggs/Murtaugh banter will ensue, now who could play Riggs...