Back in 2014, the most controversial moment to come out of The Great British Bake Off was a now infamous incident involving a Baked Alaska.

It saw contestant Iain Watters throw his Baked Alaska in the bin after it was accidentally removed from the freezer by fellow contestant Diana Bread. An incident that caused a national outrage in the UK and took social media by storm with every fan of the show having an opinion on it.

Four years on it's still remembered and is clearly still a sore point for many considering what has been going down on Twitter the last few hours.

It all kicked off when 2012 Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite posted the below meme on Twitter.

What exactly he was referring to, we don't know, but Iain Watters was quick to fire back.

More former contestants then chimed in including Sandy Docherty from the 2015 series, 2014 winner Nancy Birtwhistle and fellow series five contestants Chetna Makan and Luis Troyano.

While 2014 contestant Richard Burr was fairly succinct with his opinion on the tweet...

We're going to put all of this down to cabin fever and assume all of the former Great British Bake Off contestants will be back to being the best friends we imagine them to be very soon. 

*Update: John has since deleted the tweet. He won't be doing that again.