The build-up to American Horror Story's true crime counterpart, American Crime Story, continues with another stellar piece of casting.

For those who don't know, American Crime Story is AHS creator Ryan Murphy's latest brainchild and will focus on a true criminal case in each season. First up is the OJ Simpson Trial, which was one of the most widely publicised criminal trials in history.

We reported last week that Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was cast in the role of OJ Simpson while American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson will be filling the role of Marcia Clark.

It's just been announced that David Schwimmer will be playing the role of Robert Kardashian, one of Simpson's legal advisors and a central character in the trial and preceding murder investigation.

As well as being the father of the Kardashian sisters, Robert was also a legal attorney and a close friend of OJ Simpson. The TV series will explore Kardashian's role in the investigation and the subsequent trial.

Schwimmer may be known to us as a comedic actor - Friends, obviously - but he's much more than that. His nuanced performance as Captain Sobel in Bands of Brothers immediately springs to mind.

Not only that, he's very close to Kardashian's age and the two look quite similar.

We're quite excited about American Crime Story as they've been spot on with the casting and the writing team behind the first series looks great.

American Crime Story is expected on our screens sometime in 2016.


via Variety