The Carter/Wicks family empire is set to expand even further on EastEnders. Those Mitchells' are really starting to get outnumbered, aren't they? The newest arrival/return is Deano Wicks, played by Matt Di Angelo. Also was on Strictly Come Dancing at some stage, but sure weren't they all.

Deano is Shirley's son and was last seen on the soap circa 2008. He didn't have an easy time of it either, in his brief few years on the soap, he caused some major ructions altogether. Like spiking Stacey Slater's drink and letting Bradley take the blame, framing people for assault, getting assaulted himself - it was ALL go. It culminated in him ending up in prison, and when he returned he had slid down an even slippier slope. Just an out and out hooligan so he was!

Shirley didn't know what to be doing with him, so eventually he burned himself out (and his storylines too) and left the square. So God only knows what sort of fella we can expect to see this time round. Although, when his sister Kelly made a brief reappearance on the show back in 2012, she told Shirls that Deano owned a bar in Australia now and is doing well.

So, we will either be getting a reformed man, OR a complete bad ass. I'd nearly prefer the latter really, wouldn't you? He was easy enough on the eye back then too, so hopefully that hasn't changed.

The actor said of his return; "It's such an exciting time for the show and the Carter/Wicks family that I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to reprise the role of Dean! I'm looking forward to getting back on the Square."

See you soon, Deano!