Just when we thought this whole Lucy Beale WhoDunnit saga was wrapped up and done and dusted, yet another theory has been put out there, and it's kind of a believable one too.

It emerged during the 30th anniversary live week on EastEnders (after months of waiting) that it was actually Lucy's younger half-brother Bobby who had killed his big sis. However, actress Jo Joyner who played Tanya Branning on the soap has her own theories about what really happened. Speaking to RadioTimes.com, she said; "I have a theory about all this. In the flashback episode, Lucy got whacked around the head by lots of different people."

She continued: "So, if she died of an aneurysm, it may well have started earlier in the night. I'm not so sure that Bobby is even the killer!

"If you had a really good autopsy, the doctors would be able to say that this aneurysm that caused her death started at a certain point earlier in the evening."

Joyner added: "They could trace it back to the slap around the head by one of those people. Maybe little Abi (Branning, played by Lorna Fitzgerald). Perhaps the fall at the car lot..."

Hmm is Jo Joyner looking for a role in Sherlock? (You can currently see her in Ordinary Lies on BBC1 by the way).

 Hopefully EastEnders won't try and stretch this Lucy Beale story out any more though... and yes, in case you were wondering, Jo Joyner is the actress who fluffed her lines in the live episode. Not really related but any excuse to look at that clip again.