Remember we told you the Germans were making a documentary about Jackie Healy-Rae's son Danny and his little proposal to relax drink-driving laws? Well, it aired in Germany on Sunday night, and you'll be able to see it online rather soon.

The Irish Independent reports that the show takes a bit of a "tongue-in-cheek" approach to the whole issue. As long as they're not taking him too seriously, we're more than happy. The man did suggest that allowing people in rural communities to drink more before driving could actually help in the battle against rural isolation and suicide after all... Never heard that alcohol isn't exactly an anti-depressant, no?

However, the documentary's producer insists that they're not taking the p*ss out of the Healy-Rae clan: "The core of the story is a serious issue and one that resonates with a lot of Germans" Roman Lehberger told the Irish Independent, adding that they were just trying to look at it with a bit of "humour". They even got a few locals in to talk about their own experiences.

Spiegel, one of Germany's top news organisations, have popped the whole thing up online on the Spiegel TV website, so if you fancy finding out what was really going on inside the head of the man who was, in the words of the show, "fighting for more merriness", then you should probably check it out. We're rather interested in this one, given it's description of Jackie, who is apparently described as a "member of parliament" who "irritated Irish city politicians like a poltergeist from the country for decades".

We're sure Danny was only doing what he thought was best, but you've got to admit the whole campaign was a pretty farcical. Between this and those Anglo tapes, Ms Merkel probably has us written off for life...