The small screen is most certainly the place to be for the bigwig Hollywood actors, but never mind your Matthew McConaugheys or your Woody Harrelsons, they're not even in the top ten! The elusive number one spot actually went to one Mr Ashton Kutcher, would you believe.

The star managed to scoop $26 million for his role in the neverending Two and a Half Men sitcom this year, yep, twenty-four MILLION. The actor came into the show to fill the Charlie Sheen shaped void left behind, and while ratings have slipped for the CBS series, it's still a huge hit for the network. Tied in at the number two position is his co-star Jon Cryer earning a whopping $19 million. We're well-sick of that show here to be honest, and Kutcher is nowhere near as winning as Charlie Sheen, but obviously plenty of others disagree.

Also featured on the list is Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother fame, who is enjoying an increase in his fortune thanks to his endorsement contract with American Airlines and a lead role in the Broadway production Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey has also done pretty well in this and is up there alongside Kevin Spacey, again, a lot to do with endorsements for Porsche and whatnot. While oddly, Tim Allen is fairly high on the list thanks to money brought in from his show Last Man Standing, the Toy Story That Time Forgot special on ABC and his stand-up gigs in Las Vegas.

Have a look at the full list below, and yes, that is Bryan Cranston down at the bottom of the list, and no, we certainly don't get that either.

And where are all the Game of Thrones stars? Think somebody has been short changing those lads....

1. Ashton Kutcher ($26 million) Two and a Half Men
2. Jon Cryer ($19 million) Two and a Half Men
2. Mark Harmon ($19 million) NCIS
3. Neil Patrick Harris ($18 million) How I Met Your Mother
4. Patrick Dempsey ($16 million) Grey's Anatomy
4. Kevin Spacey ($16million) House of Cards
5. Tim Allen ($15 million) Last Man Standing
6. Simon Baker (($13 million) The Mentalist
7. Jim Parsons ($12 million) The Big Bang Theory
8. Jason Segal ($11 million) How I Met Your Mother
8. Johnny Galecki ($11 million) The Big Bang Theory
9. Jon Hamm ($10 million) Mad Men
9. Charlie Sheen ($10 million)Anger Management
9. Josh Radnor ($10 million) How I Met Your Mother
10. Bryan Cranston ($8 million) Breaking Bad

And one more Ashton gif, just 'cos we are pretty sure this is what he is doing right now, while cleaning his diamond shoes.. with 100 dollar bills.