To be honest, I'm not. It's the type of fare you'd watch alone, surrounded by empty packets of cheap crisps with chocolate smeared across your gob, but it's not the type of thing you'd watch with your other half. I've tried.

If you are allowed gawp at the constant flash backs, steely prolonged glares, and collection of dodgy wigs in peace, you might be interested in the series finale and what it entails. Consider the previous line your SPOLIER ALERT.

Madeleine Stowe(ically stands still for most of the show) has divulged contents of the last episode of series one (which just started on RTE2 [Tuesdays, 9pm] if you've missed the run on E4) and it largely involves her boarding a plane which then explodes.

During a Digital Spy interview she said: "I talked the creator (Mike Kelley) into putting me on that plane. Originally he wanted the implication that I died on the plane... and I was like no, you have to have the whole thing - put me on that plane! At that time, we didn't know whether we would be picked up for a second season - you never know. We had a long discussion, and in the end everything would have gone to smoke and the whole plan would have been destroyed, which I think is very telling about this whole revenge thing."

Series two is going ahead, so we can expect 'Victoria Grayson' to be wrapped in bandages for at least two episodes before they unwrap her to reveal a different face. She's also bound to have some form of amnesia.