A certain regular feature on 'Love Island' popped up last night. And it left viewers very unimpressed...

The food challenge is far from the sexiest 'Love Island' mini competition. In fact one wonders how these couples can even be attracted to one another after the ordeal...

Last night's episode saw not just the elimination of Rachel, but the remaining couples embark on a contest that saw them make a breakfast by transporting different foods from one area to another.

They had to pass the foods across by putting them into their partner's mouths.

Needless to say, things got pretty disgusting, especially when it came to the more liquid-based foodstuffs...

The food challenge has popped up in various forms across the years but people were particularly appalled by this season's so-called 'Spit the Roast' challenge.

Viewers called it "tone-deaf" in the wake of the pandemic. A number said they intended to write to Ofcom about their concerns.

Here were some of the Twitter reactions.

Participants in this season of the dating series had to quarantine themselves for at least 2 weeks before coming to the island.

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media One and the Virgin Media Player.