When Sex and The City ended we knew we’d miss the ladies and their outfits, but the idea of coping without our weekly fix of Big was far more upsetting. (Those who preferred Aidan were just WRONG!) Thank God then that the divine Chris Noth returned to our screens in The Good Wife, even if it was just to play a cheating love rat of a husband.

Already at the half way point of Season 4, so far we’ve seen the firm battle bankruptcy, a guest appearance by Rizzo from Grease (aka Stockard Channing of The West Wing), and Alicia getting steamy on the jacks and in a caravan. So why should you be tuning in? Here's just five reasons:

1. The Talent
We are truly spoiled for choice with all the hot guys in this show. Apart from Big, there’s also boyband-type cutie Cary and sexy lawyer Will from Dead Poets Society ("Captain, my captain!")

2. The Triangle
The sexual tension in the love triangle between Alicia, Will and Peter/Big keeps us constantly guessing. Should Alicia be The Good Wife and stick with her philandering hubbie? Or will she end up going back to first love Will? Seriously tough decision...

3. Eli Gold

Eli is such a great character. He started off as a baddie but we’ve grown to love his oddities along with his never-ending efforts to appease Alicia. And to think we once knew Scottish actor Alan Cumming best as the ultimate creep, Sean, in Circle Of Friends. Between X-Men and this he has certainly done well.

4. Kalinda
The leather clad super sleuth kicks ass in her thigh high boots. Though, honestly, who would ever wear this get-up to the office? She must be Ann Summers’ best customer...

5. Batty Jackie

Jen’s gran from Dawson’s Creek is the most interfering mother in law from hell. Although this season she’s been less bothered with Alicia as she’s too busy having notions about her male nurse. The frisky OAP was even caught googling types of condoms - no wonder poor Peter ended up with a penchant for prostitutes.

Catch The Good Wife every Thursday from 9.00pm on More4. Tonight sees Alicia being offered a career changing opportunity when Will and Diane offer to make her equity partner - but at what cost?

Words: Alexandra Murphy